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Why Us Over
a Real Estate Agent?

EPCHB on August 24, 2023
Why Us Over a Real Estate Agent?

If you’re considering listing your home with a real estate agent, you may want to consider otherwise.

One key fact that many home sellers do not realize is that in order to get full market value for your home, it needs to be in perfect condition. The sad reality of this is that you can spend thousands on repairs and never see a return on your investment. Buyers could have different preferences or visions as to what they want their new home to look like. For example, installing brand new carpet could turn down potential buyers because even spotless carpet may not be in their style preference.

To help prepare to sell your home, we’d like to break down a few realities of putting your home on the market.

Disadvantages of selling through a traditional real estate agent

Commission fees. Real estate agents typically ask for a 6% commission fee. Plus, on average you will have to set aside 2% of the closing costs.

Cleaning your home. Every time a real estate agent wants to show the home to an interested buyer, you will need to get the home in showroom status. Not to mention, it can become a painful task to plan around viewings. If you have pets, you won’t want strangers showing up unannounced and bothering your animals as they look around.

Pay while you wait. While your house sits on the market, you will still have to pay for insurance, taxes, utilities, maintenance, landscaping care, and of course the mortgage. Unfortunately, there’s no way around these fees.

Long market waits = less value for your home. The longer your home sits on the market, waiting to sell, the less money you will receive. Buyers are naturally turned off by homes that have been on the market for months. What’s even worse is that with each passing month you are spending money on your home that could be used toward your new property or tucked away in savings.

Advantages of selling to El Paso Cash Home Buyers:

No closing costs. If your home sells for $200,000, you could end up paying $12,000 toward the cost of an agent. “Selling” agents usually ask for 3% of the commission plus the “buyer” agent another 3% (a total of 6% of the home’s sale would go to agent fees). We present you a full cash offer and do not ask you to pay closing costs.

Zero spending on repairs. Traditional real estate agents will emphasize that home repairs, whether small or large, can make your home more enticing to buyers. At El Paso Cash Home Buyers, we take care of any necessary repairs or maintenance.

Avoid unreliable real estate agents. Did you know that a real estate agent can back out of a contract? When they go through a home inspection, if they discover something that makes your home undesirable or that will make it difficult to sell, they can decide they’re no longer willing to sell your home.

Close quickly. Time is critical. One of the biggest mistakes home sellers make is waiting for a “better deal” to come around when they sell through traditional agents. Chances are you will miss out on a great offer by not accepting. We close quickly giving you the confidence and right amount of cash to move on to the next chapter of your life.

Agents vs. Investors

We buy your home knowing you are in a situation where you need to act fast but also want to avoid making a bad decision. As investors, we buy your property at a competitive price to help you avoid the headaches and hassles of the old traditional route. Our expertise in the market puts you at an advantage of not having to wait around for a potential buyer or figuring things out on your own. If for any reason we are not interested in buying your home, we will point you in the direction of someone who might be.

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